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36" Metal Halide Parallel Reflector (only)
36" Metal Halide Parallel Reflector (only) - Click to enlarge
36" Metal Halide Parallel Reflector (only)
Item #PFO-74040
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  • The parallel reflector is designed to mount parallel with the front of the tank using fluorescents.
  • It is made with 95% reflective aluminum and will put about 25% more light into the tank than a standard flat sheet of reflective metal.
  • The reflector puts the fluorescent close to the tank and the metal halides are offset by 3.5".
  • Parallel reflector is predrilled for the following fluorescent sockets:
  • 36" Holds one 3' VHO or 1 96W PC or one 55W PC on each side of reflector.
  • The 36" holds either one or two metal halide lamps
  • Dimensions: L36" W 12.25"D 6.5"H

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