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Sunlight Supply:
2 year warranty on manufactured products

PFO Lighting:
2 year warranty on manufactured products, 3 year warranty for electronic ballasts

Energy Savers Unlimited (Coralife):
1 year warranty on manufactured products

IceCap Inc:
3 year warranty on manufactured products

AquaPlex (Tru-Vu):
Limited lifetime warranty contact manufacturer for details

Fulham Ballasts:
2 year warranty on manufactured products
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Universal Ballast:
2 year warranty on manufactured products
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Jalli Corp:
1 year warranty on manufactured products
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True Aqua Aquarium Lamps:
30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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Lighting FAQ's

Power Compact Lighting
Power Compact (PC) Lighting, also known as Compact Fluorescent Lighting (CFL) is one of the most popular and widely accepted ways for lighting your aquarium. These powerful and energy-efficient lights are readily available and many consider these lighting systems the best overall "bang for your buck.”

Distinct advantages include: a higher output than conventional fluorescent bulbs, smaller in size/length than conventional fluorescent bulbs and on average has a longer bulb life. Common wattages: 28W, 36W, 55W, 65W, 96W

Available in (2) types of socket configurations: German based four pin straight configurations (….) Japanese (Panasonic) based four pin square configurations (::)

Metal Halide Lighting
Metal halide lighting offers both a beautiful and also very intense and effective lighting source for saltwater reef aquarium enthusiasts. Metal Halide bulbs produce a truly "sun like" effect on the water, creating a rippling reflection of light in the tank unmatched by any other current aquarium lighting.

Metal Halide bulbs are sold in many different wattages, and Kelvin ratings. The most common wattages in the aquarium industry are 150W, 175W, 250W, 400W and 1000 watt bulbs. The Kelvin rating is significant as it describes the appearance of the lamp when it is operating. The common choices for lamps sold include 5,500K, 6,500K, 10,000K, and 20,000K bulbs.

Understanding Kelvin (K) Ratings

5,000K = Warm daylight, more yellow in tint when compared next to a 10,000K bulb. Used primarily in Freshwater or planted tanks.

6,700K = Nice white, not as visually bright as a 10000K bulb. Not as yellow as a 5,000K, also used in freshwater or planted tanks and can also be used in saltwater tanks with actinic bulbs.

10,000K = Bright crisp white light. Primarily used in Saltwater aquariums with actinic bulbs.

14,000K - 15,000K = Recently introduced to the market, appears to be a crisp white with a large amount of blue spectrum giving it a perfect standalone lamp. 20,000K = Crisp blue light. Primarily used in saltwater aquariums. Also known as “blue” metal halide bulbs. It is important to understand that different metal halide bulbs may require different ballasts to operate them to the proper specification. ANSI codes are used to ensure the proper bulb & ballast is used together. A list of commonly used ANSI Codes are as follows:

Probe Start Ballast ANSI Codes for Metal Halide lamps:

M102 = 150W M57 = 175W M58 = 250W M59 = 400W M47 = 1,000W

Pulse Start Ballast ANSI Codes for Metal Halide lamps:

M85 = 70W HQI M81 = 150W HQI M137 = 175W M138 = 250W M135 = 400W Probe vs. Pulse Start Ballasts

Pulse Start ballast has an ignitor which aids in starting the lamp. Probe Start ballast does not have an ignitor

T12 (VHO) Very High Output Bulbs Very High Output Bulbs, commonly known as VHO bulbs is another form of lighting that is widely used in the aquarium industry. VHO Bulbs are effective in lighting tanks that are extremely long and require intense, high output light. VHO Actinic bulbs are commonly used to supplement Metal Halide lighting in saltwater reef tanks. These bulbs are 1 ½” in diameter and available in the following sizes/wattages:

24” – 75 Watt 36” – 95 Watt 48” – 110 Watt 60” – 140 Watt 72” – 160 Watt

T5 High Output Bulbs T5 High Output Bulbs are the newest type of lighting for the U.S. aquarium industry. Widely used in Europe, these bulbs have been recently introduced into the United States aquarium industry. At only 5/8" in diameter (approx half the size), it is a much more compact and energy efficient alternative for VHO bulbs and compact fluorescent/power compact bulbs.

These bulbs are 5/8” in diameter and available in the following sizes/wattages:

24” – 24 Watt 36” – 39 Watt 46.5” – 54 Watt 56.5" - 80 Watt

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